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Housby Links

The Housby is a rare breed, but not so rare as to manage to pop up on the Internet here and there. Below are a number of links I've come across. Now as you know, if you've been paying attention, all Housbys are related, though not necessarily very closely. So Housby genealogists, this might be of interest, if you work out where they fit in, please let me know. For Housby surfers, let me know if you find anymore. Housby web site builders, well I've created a link to you, how about returning the favour.

By the way, some of these pages are quite long, I suggest you use 'find (on this page)' under 'edit', and typing in 'housby' Hmm, a while since I set this up and most of the links have died!
Housby Trucks of Des Moins, Illinois
Venus Housby, local beauty of C19th Texas
Housby of the US Civil War
People v Housby, legal precedent in Illinois state law
Trevor Housby the fisherman and his 'nobbler'
My Yamaha Page - under construction (am I sad or what?)